GOLDEN NONI is the brand name for juice prepared by natural fruit Noni.Noni fruit is a natural food supplement. The botanical name of the fruit Noni is Morinda Citrifolia and it is from the family Rubiaceae. Noni Fruit grows on a small shrub-like tree. The ripened fruit has a green, almost translucent Bumpy skin, and gives off a pungent odour. Noni has been found in many islands of the South pacific (including Hawaii and Tahiti), India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Africa, Guam, and West Indies.

Historically, the native use the entire plant for a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Early studies of the plant document that its traditional uses ranged from using the root as a fever-reducing agent, to helping control diabetes, as well as applying the leaves on wounds and ulcers. The fruit has many other ancient medicinal uses that were quite varied. Table 1 lists many of the ailments for which ancient Polynesian healers (called Kahuna) used Noni.

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Uses of Noni by Polynesian Healers
Diarrhea Diarrhea Diarrhea Eye Infection (sty) Fever
Inflamed Sore gum Thrush Skin Abscess Elephantiasis
Wounds Rheumatism Vomiting IntestinalWorms Tuberculosis
Sore Throat Toothache Jaundice Centipede Bite Dark Spots
Role of Noni in Anemia

Scientists have shown that noni can help the immune system and help cells more readily absorb nutrients. Other noticeable benefits may include increased mental clarity and attention span, as well as greater physical performance levels. Studies suggest the noni can benefit multiple systems of the body: Immune System: noni supports the immune system’s natural ability to fight disease and infection. Circulatory System, tissue and Cells: noni is a superior antioxidant that helps rid the body of harmful free radicals. Digestive System: noni supports proper digestion and helps the body absorb more nutrients at the cellular level Metabolic System: noni boosts the metabolic system, resulting in feelings of increased energy and vitality. Skin and Hair: noni contains components that are specifically important for the skin and hair. It also helps carry beneficial substance to the skin

Role of Noni in Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic Nephropathy is the result of diabetes. So first thing is to keep diabetes under control and try to cure. By this way we can prevent from further damages to kidney. Noni helps a lot in diabetes patient. Doctors and researchers suggest that Noni has the ability to help strengthen the immune system, which, in turn, can help the body to maintain strong insulin levels. As a result, many Type I and Type II diabetics have finally found relief from this deadly diabetes in the form of Noni.

Role of Noni in Digestive Disorder

The best way to handle IBS is to eat a healthy diet, avoid foods that seem to make you feel worse and find ways to handle your stress. Noni is a cellular food and it contains all the essential micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that make Noni perfect healthy diet. Fiber can be helpful in IBS, because it improves how the intestines work. There 2 types of fiber: soluble an insoluble. Soluble fiber helps both diarrhea and constipation. Pectin is a soluble fiber that is rich in Noni. Hence Noni helps a lot on case of IBS.

Role of Noni in Cleansing Process & Healing Crisis

If someone gets a cleaning reaction, can almost guarantee that the Noni will help that person. Reactions may include a rash, unusual body odor, diarrhea, headache, cold like symptom, fatigue or nausea. The body has toxin (or poisons) and these can be eliminated from the body through the colon or through the skin, etc. this is a healing process the body eliminates the toxins and starts regaining it’s balance and health.

Role of Noni in Wounds, Cuts, Scrapes, and Lacerations Heal

Ideally, noni should be consumed just 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner. (However, if this schedule cannot be followed, it is better to use Noni whenever possible rather than no taking at all). It is also important to remember than Noni exerts its positive effects quickly in many people, and most people experience results within days to weeks. But you should commit to using Noni for six months before deciding how much it helps.

Role of Noni in infection

a) Noni is a powerful immune enhancer. It helps to eradicate the infection in our body by its property to stimulating the immune system. By stimulating body immune system Noni release various mediators’ interleukins (IL12 and IL 1), interferon and also helps in realizing the phagocytes cells by stimulating RE system and helps in the process of destroying those microbes by the Phagocytosis process with the help of stimulating body auto immune power.

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Drinking Noni and applying it topically are the two most obvious uses of Noni. But this remarkable juice can also be therapeutic in ways that one might not expect. If it seems too odd to try putting fruit juice in your nose or ears, for example, don’t think of Noni as a juice drink. Think of it as the liquid extract of an amazing tropical fruit, which contains special compounds.

What happens when we take Noni?

‘Noni’ works at cellular level. ‘Noni’ is a rich source of ‘Proxeronine’- a precursor for ‘Xeronine’, which helps in enlarging the pores of the cell membrane allowing better absorption of micronutrients & medicines, and support protein metabolism.

In Mouth :

When we take Noni in mouth - Proxeronine present in Noni helps in relieving inflammation of gums-Gingivitis and infected teeth.

In Stomach and Intestines :

When we swallow Noni, the effects of Noni in the Gastro intestinal tract are very profound. It starts boosting our digestive enzymes-improving digestion-improving assimilation. We get more nutrients from our food and medication. It has helped many people to heal ulcers. It decreases parasites. It helps in speedy regeneration of lining in the intestines the one cell thin membrane that separates the content of our bowels from the blood and lymphatic system. If this membrane is disturbed or damaged contents of the food that is not required by the blood will pass into the blood like bacteria, fermented waste, etc. This will make the liver work harder, disturbing its normal duties and functions.

In Liver :

Next it goes to the Liver. The Liver is the metabolic powerhouse packed with enzymes. It inspects everything that has been absorbed from our intestines. Either it allows to pass or does its best to eliminate or prepare it for the kidneys to eliminate. This includes toxins, pesticides, chemicals, the medications or herbs. Noni helps in many ways for the liver to function. It boosts the liver enzymes to clean blood more effectively. Noni can handle higher volumes of enzymes and balances hormones. It also helps in balancing blood sugar, helping to minimize hypoglycemia.

Blood Circulation :

After the liver Noni passes into the general circulations. First let us see how Noni deals with our immune system.

Immune System :

The Immune system is charged with the duty of patrolling of our physical body. For everything the immune system comes in contact with, it has to decide whether it is harmful or not. If it is harmful the immune system has to deal with it.The Immune system uses many different enzymes and complicated cellular communications. Noni improve the effectiveness of enzymes and enhances cellular communication.

There are 5 health Conditions connected with the Immune System. 1) Infection 2) Allergy 3) Auto Immune diseases 4) Cancer and 5) Inflammation

Infections :

Noni helps to keep infection away, which includes intestine, skin, acne and viruses.


Noni has helped in allergies. Allergies are caused by immune imbalance. An Allergy is nothing but our immune system being too vigilant, or too reactive to substances that has to be ignored. Noni helps the immune system to discriminate the harmful and not harmful substances.

Auto Immune disorders:

Some of them are Arthritis, Colitis (Inflammation of the colon’s lining) Eczema, Lupus, (skin disease) and some Thyroid disorders. Loss, stress and infection are some of the main causes for autoimmune disorders. Noni has effectively helped thousands of people with the above diseases.

Thyroid disorders:

It is a type of autoimmune disease and Noni helps to prevent and normalize as an adaptagen.


It is also associated with immune deficiency. Noni’s biggest contribution to humanity is preventing cancer. By keeping the immune system tuned and effective the tumour cell growth is inhibited. Noni helps in decreasing the side effects of radiations and chemotherapy and helps in the speedy healing after surgery.


It is the body’s first step in fighting infection, and healing injuries. Noni has helped people with inflammation of many kinds. Noni supports the immune system, which strengthens the body ‘s natural ability to fight disease and infection. A healthy, vibrant, balanced, immune system improves, maintains and prolongs our health than anything else in our physical body.

Heart :

Noni allows more magnesium into the heart cells, which helps in regulating a proper heart rhythm. It eases smooth muscle spasm since it decreases angina. Blood Pressure and cholesterol also tend to normalize with Noni in many people. Noni works synergetic with many heart medications.

Lungs :

Noni clears infection such as bronchitis. A food supplement like Noni enhances the cellular structures of bronchioles. It also decreases mucus secretion; Noni helps allergy and inflammation, which are the causes for asthma.

Head :

Noni helps the brain cells. All the neurotransmitters work through cell wall receptors. By enhancing the brain cells thinking is clear and moods stable. Noni increases secretion of Serotonin, which is feel good hormone. Noni helps in depression and sleep. Noni clears sinus infections. Noni helps in headaches and migraines. Clears muscle contraction headaches and toxin related headaches. It also helps in menstrual migraine headaches by balancing the hormones through its action on the liver and effect the hormone receptors.

Nervous system :

It helps in numbness caused by nerve damage. It also helps painful muscle cramps.

Genital / Urinary system :

Noni Works with postmenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is helpful in regular or heavy or painful periods. Noni is used in pregnancy – to prevent Toxaemia. It eases the pain of labour and helps recovery afterwards. Helps men going to bathroom often in night and helps people with prostrate cancer. Noni helps in bladder infections too. Noni goes well with the treatment and medications.

Muscles and bones :

Noni helps all types of arthritis, lumbar disc disease, muscle spasm and cervical disc disease. All types of inflammatory conditions respond well to Noni. Noni has helped in sprains, bruises and broken bones.

Endocrine system :

It deals with imbalance of hormones. Hormones work through cell wall receptors. While hormones are keys, receptors are locks. Noni helps in Hernia; Noni has helped in many types of hormone imbalances.

Type I Diabetes :

Here the maximum number of B- cells of pancreas are destroyed and produces little or no insulin. Noni helps to enhance the body’s immunity power by the synergistic actions of all its components at the cellular level. Thus by modulating the immunity power it may helps to correct the ‘ insulitis’ condition of pancreas in Type-I-IDDM so that it prevents the destruction of B-cells in pancreas and also activates the B-cells to produce more insulin. Noni helps to prevent Type I Diabetes.

Type II Diabetes :

It is a case if Insulin resistance. Here receptors have become rigid and reached non-functioning state. Noni helps modify its rigidity to make it active. Noni helps receptors work again. Noni gives back to the body the full capacity to regulate sugar in the body. Noni prevents any of the consequences of diabetes like blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and numb feet. Noni helps to enhance the functioning of pancreas and the immune system. Noni acting as an adaptagen that aid sick cells in repairing themselves achieves this. This could apply to diabetes by either helping malfunctioning beta cells in the pancreas or by aiding the cells that are unsuccessfully trying to use the glucose in the blood.

Adrenal Glands - These are very important for our wellbeing. They are stress glands. Adrenal Glands have limits on how much they can put up. There are two types of stress. Psychological stress- (money, relationship, etc) Physical Stress- (infection, injury, sleep, etc. Stress affects functioning of the body. Stress brings about hormone imbalances in the body. Noni improves the immune system, digestive system, balances hormones and gives energy. Thus it helps people to handle stress with ease. Noni has also helped young people with acne, skin diseases, eczema and food allergies. It has helped people with Psoriasis. Noni helps eyes and improves eyesight.

It you get a Toxin cleansing responses such as headache, itching skin or soft motion, drink more water and skip one or two doses depending on how you feel.

Statistical Report of How much and How often ‘Noni’ benefited the users (Source: How much, How often by Dr. Neil Solomon MD, PhD)
Allergy 87% Mental Acuity, increased alertness 73%
Arthritis 79% Multiple Sclerosis 50%
Asthma 71% Muscle, increased body building 69%
Cancer 68% Obesity lost excess weight 72%
Depression 78% Pain, including headaches 87%
Diabetes, Type I II 83% Respiratory Problems 71%
Digestion 90% Skin and Hair Problem 79%
Energy, increased 90% Sexual enhancement, increased 83%
Heart Disease 80% Sleep, improved 74%
High Blood Pressure 85% Smoking, stopped 56%
HIV 55% Stress, coped better 73%
Immune System 78% Stroke 53%
Kidney Disease 66% Well being, felt better 80%
Menstruation 80%

Directions for use:

Drink on an empty stomach 30 mins. before food, diluted in 7 to 8 times water. 1st 7 days 5 ml. twice daily. 2nd 7 days 10 ml. twice daily. 15th day onwards 15 ml. twice daily.

For children: Half of the above doses NOT FOR MEDICINAL USE Suitable for all ages.

  • Do not accept if cap & neck seal is broken.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • For fast & better result use regularly for 6 months.
  • Keep bottle tightly closed protected from direct light & heat.
  • Use within 30 days after opeining the seal.

Drink lot of clean and good water throughout the day to help your body to flush out toxins. Dose can be increased as per your body conditions. (If before food is not possible, you can drink ‘Noni’ after 2 hrs of food).


Due to natural ingredients, colour, taste, odour, consistency, etc. may vary batch to batch without affecting efficacy of the product and some sediments are natural occurrence. This product is a food supplement. We do not make any claim of cure or remedy for any diseases.